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Custom transport solutions

Aerocom is the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic tube systems and takes a leading position in the field of pneumatic tube systems technology. In addition to possessing a wide range of standard products for industrial applications, this specialist in internal logistics systems also has ample experience and expertise in the development of customer-specific solutions for hospitals, laboratories, the manufacturing industry and pharmacies, to name a few. 

Any company,
any project:

With branches in at least 80 countries in Europe, Asia and Australia, Aerocom is the world’s leading expert in pneumatic tube systems technology. With a team of dedicated employees that serve customers in far corners of the globe.

Our highly motivated and dedicated team members know all the ins and outs of your project, which enables them to quickly intervene or make minute adjustments when needed. Deadlines are effortlessly met; time pressure is not in our dictionary. We fulfil the customer’s requirements within the requested time frame while ensuring a customer-oriented and tailor-made approach at all times. All our projects are customised, tailored to the needs of every individual customer.


We have hundreds of customers in every possible sector, ranging from small businesses to multinationals.
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