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As the world’s market leader and largest technological manufacturer of pneumatic tube systems, Aerocom knows all the intricacies of the business. Whether you are looking for a medication distribution system or a system for transmitting postal correspondence within the company, Aerocom can do it all.

Fast, efficient and reliable

Aerocom Belgium’s small, yet highly dedicated and flexible team operates quickly, efficiently and independently. From employee to CEO, everyone at Aerocom does their part to deliver the best possible service to customers worldwide.

Tailor-made solutions

As an expert in the area of internal transportation systems, Aerocom develops customer-specific solutions for your company or project. We have an application to cater for every need.

How do we proceed?

Pneumatic tube systems are not only highly efficient in use, but they are also multifunctional: just think of the pneumatic tube systems used for cash handling, internal logistics, sample transport, underground transport or document transport. Once we know what your specific requirements and needs are, we can start developing an application that fits your needs seamlessly.

Discover the automatic unloading station

An automatic unloading station allows received tubes to be automatically emptied and immediately returned to the sender. This is the perfect solution for environments where strict rules apply. Laboratories for instance, where the sterile and hygienic handling of items is vital. Moreover, the staff does not need to worry about unloading and returning the carriers.

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We have hundreds of customers in every possible sector, ranging from small businesses to multinationals. You will find some high-profile names below. Feel free to ask us for more references from your line of business.