Our systems and products

Aerocom has developed specific applications for each of the sectors listed above, each of which has been tailored to the demands of a particular field of application. Aerocom also offers an extensive range of dispatch and receipt systems. Specific cash-handling applications or solutions for the dispatch of sensitive information, or hazardous materials, or multiple transport lines (inter-coordinated or not) are no problem for us. We can develop a tailor-made solution for every application and for every type of business, regardless of scope or size. These are always based on one or a combination of the following systems.

AC 2 U

The simplest connection between two points.

AC 1000 MultiTalent

A single-line system that can connect up to 99 stations and 990 destinations.

AC 3000 MultiLine

A multi-line system that enables full-scale intercommunication between up to 512 stations and 64 lines. This system is most frequently used in hospitals.


A mono-directional and bi-directional pneumatic transport system for the management of cash in supermarkets and casinos (Casino Cash). The mono-directional system (up to 50 stations) dispatches cash to a receptor station. This is most commonly used by banks, toll offices, supermarkets, cinemas, petrol stations, etc.

The bi-directional pneumatic transport system is used to send cash to a central station, from where the change is then returned to the original station.

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