Pneumatic tubes

When they hear the words ‘pneumatic system’, most people will immediately think of one of those old-fashioned tubes whooshing overhead, like the ones they used to have in big department stores. Actually, today’s pneumatic tubes – or pneumatic transport systems, as we prefer to call them – barely resemble their forebears.

Aerocom’s state-of-the-art systems can transport practically any type of material or object from almost any location to virtually any destination. Liquid, toxic, cold, or hot materials and substances weighing up to 28kg and with a maximum diameter of 30cm can be transported exceptionally efficiently with this system. We produce custom solutions for every field of application and every type of business.

What is pneumatic transport?

Simply put, pneumatic transport is a modern transport system that is pneumatically driven, or in other words, powered by the ‘flow’ of air. This technology is particularly suited as an internal dispatch system for companies, and can be used in virtually an endless number of applications.


The advantages of a pneumatic transport system are numerous. The system is economical, operates at incredibly high speeds, is hygienic, fully customisable and extendible, and can be thoroughly monitored.